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We have a team of highly dedicated individuals with different specialisations when it comes to roof restoration and maintenance. You can count on us when you need restoration and roof repair in Darch.

Trained and well experienced, our team can determine the right processes to maintain your roofing's structure. We make efforts to bring your weathered roof back to its condition before any problems appear.

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Are you looking for experts who can repair your roof to its former glory? Do you want to make it more appealing and durable?

Our Roof Restoration Experts in Darch offer preventive actions to keep your structure in optimum condition.

No matter what type of roof you have, our company can offer the following services:

Roof Painting / Respraying in Darch
Top quality roof respraying requires intensive roof preparation and good quality sealant spray.  Whether you have a metal or concrete tile roof, Roof Restoration Darch will do an excellent job of preparing and providing the right type of spray for your structure. With a profound experience in the field, our team can inspect and determine the most appropriate sprays and roof coatings in Darch to restore glory and value to your home.

With Roof Restoration Darch, you will be very pleased with the look of your newly resprayed roof. We also assure this will continue to look its best for years to come. With our roof coating in Dalkeith, you can expect your home to stand out from the rest.

Roof Repairs in Darch
Leaks and cracks can do more damage to your roof than you can imagine. Not only do these make the structure less appealing, they can cause inconvenience on your household. Our Roof Restoration Darch Team offer complete renovations and roof repairs in Darch to get rid of these problems. Our highly trained contractors can make specific repairs to your tiled roof anytime you need.

Don't wait for the weather to bring more inconvenience to your home. If you want to keep your precious possessions safe from the damages of wet weather, call us today! Our experts will fix that minor tile damage before it escalates into a bigger problem.

With our team of Roof Restoration experts in Darch, you do not need to worry about leaks, overflowing gutters, or other destructive problems. We take pride using only the best products on the market. Our team uses environment friendly coatings, sealants, and sprays. We also offer high-grade products that will make your roof the envy of others.

Our company offers its services at highly competitive prices. We will discuss all possible solutions and help you make well-informed decisions for your roofing problems. Contact us today to get a quote.

Metal Roof Restoration in Darch
When we restore a metal roof, preparation is the key to our eyecatching and long lasting result.

The roof is carefully inspected for leaks, rust, insecure flashings and loose screws.  Once these basic faults are corrected the roof is comprehensively cleaned via high pressure water spray, and gutters and downpipes cleaned and flushed out.

The roof is now sprayed with a high quality sealant spray, which will preserve and beautify your roof.

We pride ourselves on our housekeeping, removing all rubbish and leaving a fitting backdrop to your restored metal roof.

High Pressure Cleaning in Darch
Over the years, your metal or concrete roof can be exposed to contamination such as dirt, mould, moss and lichen.

These stains compromise the appearance of your house.  Bird droppings and mould spores can affect the health of the household particularly for those who rely on rainwater tanks. These are significant reasons for carrying out high pressure cleaning on rooves.

In addition, if your roof is being restored or repaired, high pressure cleaning is essential to lay the foundation for an effective and long lasting result.

Roof Restoration Darch have highly experienced and trained workers who will take care of your roof restoration and roof repair requirements. They are competent enough to finish the task on the agreed time and of course, with the desired result. We use high quality materials to ensure the best finish.

Other essential things we consider include weather elements in the area and the type of materials used in the structure.

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